Whoever thought there are coupons for textbooks, stationery and other school supplies?

Seriously, whoever though that such are available and have been available in the past as well.

Whenever I tell this to my friends and co-workers, they all are bewildered and keep wondering if it’s true, but for my Australian co-workers, it is something they understand easily and believe as well. It is through my Australian co-workers I have been able to know about Jekkle discount codes and because of this, I have helped my own kids as well as my house worker’s kids avail stationery, supplies, bags, books and notebooks at the best prices imaginable. You can find amazing deals for Jekkle here.

I moved to Australia from Johannesburg in 2005 following the gruesome murder of my husband, and soon thereafter, my relatives and other loved ones (including those of my deceased husband) ultimately decided on moving to and settling in Australia. Thankfully, I’ve been able to secure myself a luxurious apartment in the Melbourne docklands area with a decent Filipino housekeeper helping keep the house in one piece. However, when it comes to school supplies and books: the current Australian inflation has put prices in question.

My housekeeper once worked two jobs just to make ends meet, especially the school supplies for her kids but when my youngest son found out about Jekkle, he kept on insisting me to sign up for their discount coupons and I did. Turns out to be a blessing!: my housekeeper and I have been able to avail critical prices for critical items at the best time possible, and even were able to obtain needed books on rent as well as those that are suitable in the long run. That way, not only have we been able to obtain school stuff at the best of prices but also the needed supplies at the right time and the right cost.

My Australian colleagues have further guided me in using Jekkle and also, Jekkle has allowed me to provide itself with books to rent, give and sell. It is truly a blessing in disguise and that school supplies are something that are needed every season.

Thank You Jekkle! Thank you very much! J

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