Late night cravings has always been one of the issue I have faced in my life since I was very young. Mum was always ready with cookies and milk to sooth my cravings but since I moved to another city due to my job I miss all those beautiful days which made me feel loved and cherished. I even witnessed tears in my eyes lately when I felt hunger pangs late at night and mum was not there to bring me milk and cookies. I felt my gloominess giving way to everyone and a colleague of mine even mentioned it. She gave me solution in the form of Menulog promo codes at SuperSaverMama which had all the solution to my problems and worries.

The platform was fully loaded with the restaurants which had all possible cuisine I could have whether it’s the usual lunch hour at my workplace, supper time after reaching home or late night desires for sweet tooth or whatever food related wants we hold.

When I tried out what my colleague suggested through Menulog I was happy to give a positive feedback which aimed at bringing the satisfaction to me in every way possible. Few days back when I got this desire to eat something in late hours I ordered delicious dessert from one of the restaurant on the platform.

The order reached me within half an hour and it was all up to the mark how I want my dessert to be. Served all hot and with the refreshingly cold pudding made me over excited and satiated. I dearly missed my mum at this hour of the night and without given a thought I called her and told her about how I’m taking care of the late night cravings and missing her to be just next to me.

We talked almost whole night as it was weekend tomorrow and discussed how things are going on with me at my end while I kept on eating my brownie and pudding. By the end of the call when it was almost morning time mom gave me a surprise that she is going to visit me by the mid of next week and stay with me for almost a month and give a try to Menulog and delicious food I have been bragging about constantly.

I was super excited and started counted those 2-3 days which were left for my mum to land at my place. I have a lot to talk to her and introduce her to the most fascinating things I have witnessed in this strange city away from my home.

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